We are now offering a 10.25? drop-in Short Barrel Rifle assembly for the Century/WLA Sterling Sporter Type 1 carbine. The barrel is threaded 1/2-28 tpi concentric with the bore axis for use with all compatible attachments. Comes complete with large diameter sbouldering cone and a flashider type thread protector. Parkerized finish treated with oil. Simply remove the existing barrel and replace with this.

Threaded barrel, large shoulder cone adapter and flashider.

SBR barrel with 1/2-28 thread Quick Disconnect (QD) for YHM Suppressor

YHM Suppressor, QD Adaptor, CPS threaded shouldering cone and 10.25″ barrel

1/2-28 suppressor ready for direct attachment to barrel.

Suppressor threaded all the way to shouldering cone

Price: 10.25″ barrel assembly $195.00.
OPTIONAL: SBR engraving of name/city/state on barrel, add $25.00. Please provide a copy of your Form 1 for engraving purposes.
Shipping and handling $12.00.

NOTE: All NFA Rules Apply. Changing the barrel length from 16″ to a shorter length reclassifies the gun to NFA status..

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